Vision & Structure Core Beliefs

Church Planting

Church-planting among unreached people groups is the highest priority for completing the Great Commission and the God-ordained way to spread the gospel.


Producing disciples among unreached people groups is required if we are to make significant progress in obeying the Great Commission.

Bible Translation

Translating the Scriptures into the heart language of a people is required for effective Church-planting movements and discipleship.

Uttermost Focused

A focus on the unreached people groups and a purposeful strategy to reach them is required if we are to be in complete obedience to the Great Commission.


The eternal plan and purpose of God is to receive glory from every kindred, tongue, tribe and nation. Our purpose in life is to participate in His plan.

Translation Philosophy

WorldView Ministries is committed to the accurate translation of Scriptures. We accept the Bible as the very Word of God, given to us by plenary-verbal inspiration and preserved for us by God. Therefore, we are committed to formal equivalence or essentially literal translation of the words of God. We seek the guidance and help of God in achieving accuracy in this sacred work.

All linguists, translators and consultants working under the authority of WorldView Ministries will base their work upon the divinely preserved Hebrew and Greek texts. While various texts and translations in other languages may be consulted during the translation process, final decisions on textual content will be based on the authority of the Traditional Texts (Hebrew Masoretic of the Old Testament and Greek Textus Receptus of the New Testament).

The hands of a couple are highlighted as they study the Holy Bible together - focus point on the woman's foreground hand.


Church Planting

Church-planting among unreached people groups is the highest priority for completing the Great Commission and the God-ordained way to spread the gospel.


With over 7,000 people groups still unreached, we must go beyond passive involvement in missions, we must actively engage those parts of the world which have no churches, preachers or Bibles. This is THE MISSION of God and it must become our passion.


Financial partnership with WorldView Ministries will help you be strategic in completing the task of the Great Commission. Providing the Scriptures for the unreached world will accelerate the progress of reaching every kindred, tribe, tongue and nation.


Based upon the belief that church-planting and national training must accompany or become the result of Bible translation work, we have developed a three-fold financial allocation* structure:

This involves any translation-related expenses incurred from the time the project is agreed upon until the Scripture is delivered. We consider a language to be in need of Scripture when they do not have a translation in their language or when they have a translation that is not being published. The choosing of language projects is determined by the leadership of the Lord and the provision of personnel to work within that language.

A trained national with the Word of God in His own heart language is a necessary element in fulfilling our Lord’s command “to preach the Gospel to every creature.” The goal must be the planting of indigenous churches that are self-supporting, self-propagating and self-governing.

It is necessary to create awareness among the Christian world on how to identify, locate, and determine the needs of the unreached people groups with the goal of enlisting prayer partners, financial partners and committed laborers.


*Final decision on designation of funds lies with the contributor

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