The Value of Bible Translation – Part 3


7. It will mean that God can be glorified by another kindred and tongue. 

Revelation 5:9 and 7:9 prove to us that the grand eternal purpose of God is to bring some from every kindred, tongue, tribe and nation to worship at His throne. The throne of God in that day will be the culmination of all of history’s purpose. The greatest tragedy of Islam is not the hopelessness of those enslaved. The greatest tragedy of Hinduism is not the misguided belief in reincarnation and cleansing rituals. The greatest tragedy of Buddhism is not the endless spinning of prayer wheels with no god to answer. The greatest tragedy of Animism is not the demonic rituals they perform. The greatest tragedy of all these is that the true God is not being worshipped by them. Putting the Word of God in their language has the greatest potential of bringing in the most people from every tribe and nation and the most glory to our God. May we give our lives to this glorious purpose.

8. It will have a practical impact on a culture in a way that nothing else can.

This last thought is more practical than spiritual, though I am afraid we may often underestimate the spiritual value of these practical things. The Word of God in the language of the people will change the way they see God, themselves and others. Parents will learn how to better care for and raise their children. Couples will learn how to have better marriages. Children will have a better chance for education. People will learn how to manage their finances better. The moral and ethical foundation the Word of God provides will give people a better chance for a healthy and long life. It will reduce slave trafficking and the sex trade. It will help deliver children from prostitution. It increase the prospects of having clean water and good hygienic practices. Victims of war, poverty, disease and hunger can experience relief and healing. Cultures that are ignored, persecuted and dying will be preserved. The Word of God changes a culture in every way for the better.


If you have read this far, you may have taken issue with some of the points raised or questions asked. Before you respond, please allow me to say that none of this is intended to criticize the efforts of sincere missionaries who have been the instruments of God to penetrate a culture with the gospel of Christ. I am for every one who preaches the gospel and I pray God’s blessings on them all. I humbly make the case for adding this focus on Bible translation work to our efforts to obey the Great Commission.

God has allowed WorldView Ministries to establish a two-year master’s degree training institution for the purpose of training Bible translators. Our work in South India currently has 13 students who have the ability and commitment to complete the training and get about the business of translating the Bible into the language of an unreached people. Some of them speak a heart language that is still waiting for the Scriptures. Please pray for WorldView Institute and the six faculty members who will be part of the coming year. Please pray for us as we begin partnerships with these being trained. This is a sacred work! We need the help of the Lord.